Basset Hound • Senior • Female • Medium

Camille is a 12 year old beauty that is still in New Orleans with our rescue. She can be easily transported up to Lisbon, CT using Rescue Road Trips. Her adoption fee is $200 and the fee to transport her is $185. We check vet references and do home visits prior to an adoption. 

From his foster Mom: 


Known Aliases:

  • Warrior Princess
  • My Lady
  • C'mere You Goof

Status:  Mature Single Lady

Seeking:  Forever Family


  • Sand Investigations
  • Border/Perimiter Patrol
  • Sleeping
  • Sleeping More
  • Burying My Head In Blankets
  • Napping
  • Napping More
  • Cuddles With Friendly Humans
  • Slobbering Copious Amounts
  • Dozing In The Sunshine
  • Dozing In The Shade


  • Baths
  • Nail Trimming
  • Being Alone
  • Thunderstorms

Favorite Foods:

  • Small Kibble, Preferably Salmon Based
  • (I'm A High Class Lady)
  • Canned Food Swimming In Gravy
  • (Inner Fat Kid At Heart)

Short AutoBiography:
My recent recovery from a distasteful heartworm problem has given me a great appreciation for my second chance at life. I'm full of joy and can get a wee bit goofy at times. I am currently residing with two basset foster siblings and have maintained a very docile demeanor regardless of their rude sniffing around my personal space. There is also a seven pound dog(they say it's a dog) that insists on yapping at me until I resign myself to playing with her. I am always a well mannered playmate.
Above all else, I love people. Big humans, little humans, male humans, female humans. I will be your shadow and your best friend if you give me a comfy spot beside you.

 Please email for more information and for an application.  

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